Indus Organics :: Wholesale Discounts and Rewards

Wholesale Discounts and Rewards

We are offering wholesale discounts to people who like to buy in groups or just starting out their business or don't need large quantities right now. We have developed a plan just to meet these demands in today's tough business environment where high quality product is needed without costing a fortune.

Click on each product to see the quantity discounts. There are up to 30% discounts if you buy multiple products. Discounts shown below are additional discounts. 

For limited time, we are offering additional volume $ discounts. These discounts will be deducted from your shopping cart at the time of purchase. No coupon code required. Buy more and save more !.

  • $100         5%
  • $150        6%
  • $250        7%
  • $500        8%
  • $1000      10%

These discounts will change with time.

Indus Reward Point System

Registered users will get additional Indus Reward Points which can be used to buy products in future.

Non registered users will not get any Indus reward points.

Reward points are given to all registered group members.

For each $1 spend on products there are 10 reward points. 200 reward points will allow a user to purchase any product worth $1. For all orders above $75, a user gets additional 250 reward points. Reward points are NOT given for shipping charges.

There is no expiration date of reward points.